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I have 3 bikes in my family & the servingbee mechanic did doorstep servicing of all our 3 bikes at my parking itself in quick time. Price was very reasonable.



Hire Best Water Tank Cleaning in Mumbai

How to Book Water Tank Cleaning Services

What are the three basic necessities of life? Food, air and water. If you are a person living in a prominent Indian city, then you will wish that the water tank in your home, apartment should be clean. There are many who tend to ignore the water tank cleaning services or sump cleaning and end up becoming ill or suffering from health problems. If you are looking for high quality water tank cleaning services or underground sump cleaning services, then you do not have to look far. ServingBee has enlisted reliable and equipped water tank cleaning service providers as well as sump tank cleaning companies in our database. 

You can, with ease, place a booking order and get doorstep services from our best tank cleaners on the same day or for the future. 

Why should you opt for cleaning services from ServingBee?

The services of water tank cleaning and sump tank cleaning needs professionals and suitable equipment.

Though you may get professionals as well as companies offering the services by the dozen, we have made the entire hiring process very easy. You just have to spend three minutes on the mobile to get the professional tank cleaners on your doorstep.

When you try for the DIY method, you may get few doubts and challenges. 

To get information about water tank cleaning services providers, companies & professionals, you need to first check on local directories. Is the process easy? You may have to fill out the details in the online form. Then, you will gain access to the contact numbers. 

  • Now, you have to note down their numbers & call them.
  • Then you need to ask their prices& note them down.
  • Now, you need to make the comparison.
  • Then check the company website, reviews and then make a decision.

How many tasks do you have to do to select one professional company offering water tank cleaning services and sump cleaning services? With ServingBee, you may close the entire process within few clicks.

  • All our underground water tank cleaning service providers are verified by the ServingBee management team. 
  • The prices will contain no hidden fees. The charges will be as per the market trends.
  • They will use environmental friendly products to clean the dirt and algae off the walls.
  • You can not only book the process in minimal time, but also get the high quality services get completed within three hours (may vary depending on the number of tanks/sumps and size).

What are the services offered by our water tank cleaning services providers and sump cleaning service companies?

As you can understand, when it comes to water tank it will be usually overhead tank and sump means an underground sump. The reliable & verified service tank cleaners in our esteemed customer care list offer the following services:

  • They will remove sludges with machinery from the sump.
  • If your tank or sump needs cleaning, they will drain the water by using high pressure cleaning equipment.
  • They offer UV radiation services and also anti-bacterial spray
  • We would like to kindly inform that our best tank cleaning services professionals will do only the cleaning purposes. They cannot be held responsible for filling the sump or tank after the process. Please note, the process may take at least forty minutes to three hours depending on the tank or sump size.

Process of Water Tank Cleaning

Our overhead tank cleaning professionals/sump cleaning providers will come with the equipment. Usually, a two to three member team will visit your home or apartment.

  • First Step – They will drain the water from the overhead tank or sump. To ensure that the water does not flow again from the supply board, they will shut off the valve.
  • Second Step – They will use environmental friendly chemicals as well as tools to clean the dirt, smudge & green algae off the inner walls. Please note, that the walls may contain disease causing germs, fungus as well as harmful microorganisms.
  • Third Step –After removing the dirt off the walls, they will let the walls remain free for one hour.
  • Fourth Step – Then, they will rinse the water tank and sump with water and ensure that the walls remain clean.
  • Fifth Step – Once our team makes an exit, you can refill the overhead tank or underground water sump.

How to Book Quickly the Water Tank Cleaning Services/Sump Cleaning Services from ServingBee

We have already mentioned the hassles you may have to undergo while booking for a service provider. So, our management has cut short the time and procedure involved in hiring a cleaning service provider.

The process is as follows:

  • You need to visit our website.
  • The navigation is simple – Just search for the online form on the right hand side of the website
  • Now enter the details – name, contact number, service you need, at what time our executive can make the call.
  • The last option – Get Call Back

Our executive will call at the allotted time. You need to respond to the call and then inform about the needs.

If you have any doubts, you can clarify with our executive. On his part, after learning about your requirement, he will request some time to search the concerned service provider (tank cleaners) and the time you will be available. Then, the executive will take time to search the database and then assign a worthy service provider for your requirement. 

You will get a call from the water tank cleaning service provider/sump tank cleaning service provider. You can ask for the service directly on the same day or on other days. 

Please note, you will be able to know the sump or water tank cleaning servicerates only after the team visits your location. This option, we have made so that no arguments happen on the final bill.

If you are happy with the charges conveyed by the team, then you can confirm the booking order. Our service providers will start the process.

When to opt for Water Tank Cleaning Services/Sump Cleaning Services from ServingBee

As per experts, it is vital to opt for cleaning every six to eight months. When you get the symptoms mentioned below, you should opt for the services:

  • Foul smell in water
  • Stinking smell in water
  • If you find the presence of numerous green algae in the water
  • If you find the water is dark brown


Types of Cleaning Services from our Tank Cleaners

  • Home overhead water tank cleaning service
  • Apartment overhead water tank cleaning service
  • Office overhead water tank cleaning service
  • Sump cleaning services
  • Underground sump cleaning services

 All the Service Providers Have Been Picked from the Best Pool in the Market:

Trust: Since water is a commodity which occupies prime importance, you will want to hire a service provider which uses the best methods, practices and equipment. In the DIY method, you have to go conduct multiple checks to select a water tank/sump cleaning service provider. With ServingBee, this task is already completed by the management team.

We check the resources (equipment/tools) of the company and also the skills of the employees. So, you just need to call us and we will connect you with the relevant service provider near your location.


Charges: Every ServingBee’s services is designed on transparency. Also, the charges from our water tank cleaning service provider/sump cleaning service companies will be as per the market trends. There will be no hidden costs.

No Harmful Chemicals: Our water tank cleaning service providers/sump cleaning service providers will use only environmental friendly chemicals. So, there will be no side effects.

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