Every homeowner has a list of home repairs or maintenance tasks that need to be completed, which may include electrical, plumbing or carpentry, farming or ceramic installation, bathroom leak repair or kitchen sanitary installation, or indoor or outdoor work. Everyone needs to help repair their home through a wide range of affordable repairs, experts and professional technicians, the most advanced professional tools, renovation and improvement services.

Serving Bee is a comprehensive solution that can meet all your home service requirements. Currently headquartered in Pune and started in 2021, it covers a variety of services, including plumbers, electricians, carpenters, air conditioning repair and maintenance, house cleaning, pest control, home appliance repairs, masonry, among them.


Our goal is to provide reliable home repair and installation service and provide excellent results. Our best and proven professionals are fully trained to deliver the best services to our customers.


Our vision is to support and inspire service professionals to deliver outstanding results in a way that is convenient for both parties. In order to expand our services nationwide, we prioritize customer delight and quality work to ensure that sufficient results are achieved.

What We Do?

Serving Bee is a platform designed to provide people with the help they seek. Our company cooperates with well-trained professionals to provide bike repair services, pest control, sofa repair, home appliance repair, etc. We allow our customers to book the services provided in the comfort of their homes. According to the customer's requirements, they will be assigned to fully trained and proved service professionals at their preferred date and time.

Why Choose ServingBee?

We provide a wide range of on-site repair services, covering almost all types of minor or major problems, so you don’t need to call multiple companies for different services. We use advanced tools to complete your work, these tools make the job perfect with additional straight-line alignment and clean work. We ensure the quality and professionalism of the services provided by well-trained and sufficient professionals

Why Experts from ServingBee?

We have professional professionals and experienced technicians to handle various types of work. All the maintenance of our home and office is done by the most experienced, proven and reliable. Use appropriate technical means and resources to provide high-quality and timely services. Retaining customers is our first choice for on-site maintenance services.

Our Team

Madhukar Shetty
11+ years extensive experience in sales & marketing & business startups. He has done BBA in Marketing.
Vignesh Shetty
5+ years of experience in sales & marketing. Has worked as BDM in E-commerce companies & is pursuing career in Business Management.

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