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Brunda R

I have been trying to find a Mehendi artist online who can provide doorstep service. Then found ServingBee from google and booked them for the service. First i thought it may not be a good idea to invite to home, but the professional was very clean and had took all safety measures and also provided a great services w.r.t Mehendi.

Rohan Srivastav

Good job ServingBee! I was in a hurry and had very less time for office puja. Then at last mile got ServingBee website. It was a really a good service done by your professionals and you guys are really fast and awesome. Thanks again and i wish you all the best.

Dilip R Shetty

Very well done guys. Appreciate your efforts in helping me ontime to get my bike service done. It was professional and neat and i highly recommend you guys for getting bike services in Pune.

Raghavendra G

Amazing Service! I booked a bike service from Servingbee and the complete journey was really satisfying. Mechanic was on time, he did thorough inspection of my bike and explained me the issue. After me understanding the issue, he then serviced my bike professionally and cleaned it. After servicing the bike he advised me on how to maintain the bike so it remains in good condition. Overall i would personally rate as 10/10 friendly, very professional, punctual, Staff recommended.


I have 3 bikes in my family & the servingbee mechanic did doorstep servicing of all our 3 bikes at my parking itself in quick time. Price was very reasonable.



Hire Best Water Proofing in Bengaluru

Be it a home, office or any commercial establishment of your own, you want the space to reflect comfort and trust. However, it is a building and can have its share of problems such as water leakage, reduction in brightness and more. But for a building, it is the water leakage problem which attains prime importance. The reason, it can destroy the entire structure of a building if not taken care at the first instant. The best solution to water leakage problem is by the solution called as water proofing. You need to find a reliable water proofing expert for your building as soon as possible to get the problem rectified. 


ServingBee offers a platform where you can find trusted water proofing experts in the city with ease. 


Why Should You Opt For Water Proofing Solutions From ServingBee?


There are four important benefits:

  1. You save time as there is no need to depend on referral or recommendations
  2. There is no need to have doubts about the experience/ reliability of the water proofing contractor. The reason, we would have already verified his skills and company’s credentials.
  3. The water proofing experts in our customer database always use environmental friendly chemicals and products that can give high quality returns.
  4. Our water proofing service providers are skilled in offering water proofing services to homes, offices, commercial enterprises as well as industrial properties.

 Importance of Water Proofing Solutions


How do you know if the walls in your home or any building need water proofing? During the rainy season. When the rain water causes dampness in the walls such as bathroom, living room, terrace then there is a problem. You can easily make out when seeing thick patches of dampness on the walls. In extreme conditions, you can also see green colour signs that speaks of green fungus. Chances are that even the paints on your wall may fall or get peeled off.


Under these extreme conditions, you have no option but to repair the damage. The reason, molds, fungus and bacteria, if left unattended, can multiply by large numbers. The result, your family members may suffer from various illnesses.

How do the waterproofing contractors of ServingBee offer water proofing services?

Our water proofing experts first come to your location and inspect the walls. Then, they determine the reason for dampness. There may be two reasons – one is water leakage, and the second is that the adjacent wall or roof needs maintenance. 

For any case, our water proofing solution experts will first remove the pre-existing cement or putty on the terrace, walls. Then, they will flatten out the rough surface by making use of a metal brush or other equipment. Then, they will apply two to three coats of water proofing solution. They will apply properly so that the cracks or other holes in the walls get filled up. This process will resist the water percolating to the cracks or holes and the growth of fungus, molds also get stopped. The final step will be applying of the putty, primer and then a paint of your chosen colour.

What are the different types of services offered by ServingBee Water Proofing Contractors?

When it comes to residential water proofing contractors/commercial establishments water proofing services, they offer: 

  • Bathroom water proofing service
  • Floor leakage services
  • Terrace leakage services
  • Overhead leakage services
  • Wall water proofing services
  • Basement water proofing services

 So, you can find:


  • Waterproofing contractors for bathroom
  • Waterproofing contractors for roof
  • Waterproofing contractors for water tank
  • Water proofing job work service providers of all types
  • Residential water proofing contractors
  • Commercial water proofing contractors
  • Water proofing contractors for terrace


In the customer care list of ServingBee. 


How can you book Trustworthy Premiere WaterProofing Services from ServingBee?


Placing a request for a visit as well as selecting water proofing experts via ServingBee is easy. You just need to visit our website, and on the right hand side, there is an online form. The entire form is designed in such a way, so that our customer care executives can understand your need and resolve the problem as soon as possible. So, you need to enter the name, contact number as well as the time, you want a call. 


At the mentioned time, our customer care professional will give a call and know a requirement. Then, he may take some time to source the right water proofing experts as per your needs. 


There is another method, to book the water proofing service in quick time from ServingBee. 


The Next Steps:


You need to call the number +91 737373 2921 and speak to our customer care executive. He will listen to your needs, and then suggest the expert for your needs. 


After searching and selecting the relevant waterproofing solution expert who stays near the location, and having the capabilities to fulfil your needs, our customer care executive will give the service provider a call. If the service provider can take your project, then he will give your contact number and the time you have opted for the call.


You will get a call from the waterproofing expert. When you respond, you can clarify the doubts, and also get to know the charges. Usually, our water proofing service providers will ask for a suitable time and date to attend your location for inspection.


Then, he and his team will check the areas where water proofing is required and then based on the location& raw materials, they will give a quotation which contains a breakdown of charges. If you are satisfied with the charges, you can confirm the booking order and our team will start the process on the relevant date and time.



All The Water Proofing Service Providers Are Picked From The Best Pool In The Market:


  1. Reliability: When you book a waterproofing contractor or water proofing experts, you will have doubts about his skills and the company employees. The main reason, why ServingBee has only enlisted only verified water proofing experts or companies in our database. So, you can get only the best services.
  2. Charges: One factor, you can have doubts about, are the charges for the high quality services offered by our water proofing experts. Will they charge more? Can you afford any of their service packages? You may have these doubts and more. Please note, the waterproofing service providers from ServingBee charge prices as per the market trends. There will be no hidden fees.
  3. Completion: Our waterproofing service providers are known for completing their projects as per the deadline. 
  4. Products: They use products as per the industry standards. You can expect only high quality services from our professionals.


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