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Had a great experience with ServingBee. The communication with the representative on WhatsApp was very clear. The Service Providers were on time, very polite, friendly. Above all the service quality and delivery were awesome. Price also seems to be reasonable compared to others. I would definitely call the same vendor in future.

Baskar Kumar


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Book Sofa Repair Services in Pune at ServingBee?
You can place the request by visiting our ServingBee website and fill in your details and choosing the particular Service’ Sofa repair’ and clicking on Get Call back alternatively you Give us a call at +91 737373 2921 and our team will take request for Sofa repair service. Upon confirmation of booking our service partner will contact you and assist with bike service.
How can I trust your Sofa Repair Services in Pune with the service and bills?
We conduct background checks on all service partners listed on ServingBee. We will only list them after we are satisfied with the skills and certifications they provide. If you have any questions about the bill, you can contact us to contact the service provider or call us.
Do I need to pay anything in excess to the service provider?
No, there are no hidden fees. The prices mentioned apply to regular services. However, if the service exceeds the regular service, additional fees may be charged.
Can I postpone my booking?
Yes, you can postpone your booking on our website or the app. You can also contact us on our number +91 737373 2921, or drop us an email at reach us at [email protected]
If I am not content with the service, what do I do?
If you are not content with the service or maintenance experts, you can call our customer service to solve the problem at any time. We are happy to provide you with solutions to help you.
Do you sell Sofa spare parts?
No, we do not sell spare parts. ServingBee only delivers professionals for repair of Sofas. Spare parts required for the repair can either be attained by you or the technician, as per your selection.
How can I rate or give review on the service offered?
Every customer review (review and rating) of our app and website is very encouraging to us, so this is also very helpful to other customers.

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