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I took support of Servingbee for getting my wachine machine repaired. I contacted them from their website and it was pretty simple. I got a call from them with in 10 minutes and then everything went smooth and swift. Thanks for the quick help.

Brunda R

I have been trying to find a Mehendi artist online who can provide doorstep service. Then found ServingBee from google and booked them for the service. First i thought it may not be a good idea to invite to home, but the professional was very clean and had took all safety measures and also provided a great services w.r.t Mehendi.

Rohan Srivastav

Good job ServingBee! I was in a hurry and had very less time for office puja. Then at last mile got ServingBee website. It was a really a good service done by your professionals and you guys are really fast and awesome. Thanks again and i wish you all the best.

Dilip R Shetty

Very well done guys. Appreciate your efforts in helping me ontime to get my bike service done. It was professional and neat and i highly recommend you guys for getting bike services in Pune.

Raghavendra G

Amazing Service! I booked a bike service from Servingbee and the complete journey was really satisfying. Mechanic was on time, he did thorough inspection of my bike and explained me the issue. After me understanding the issue, he then serviced my bike professionally and cleaned it. After servicing the bike he advised me on how to maintain the bike so it remains in good condition. Overall i would personally rate as 10/10 friendly, very professional, punctual, Staff recommended.


I have 3 bikes in my family & the servingbee mechanic did doorstep servicing of all our 3 bikes at my parking itself in quick time. Price was very reasonable.



Hire Best Sofa Cleaning in Baner Road Pune, Pune

How to Book Best Sofa Cleaning Services

If asked about the favourite place on Earth, you will say it is your home. If the next question is about the favourite place on home, then you will say the sofa in the living room. This will be the place, where you watch television or listen to music in your spare time. It may be a sofa or a leather couch, but both offer comfort that is unmatched in many ways. Both come in different sizes and shapes, and they also have pads. 

Usually, many householders prefer to purchase the sofa in its brown or black colour. Have you ever worried about this piece of furniture getting cleaned by professionals? Unlike the other furniture, you cannot wash it with ease and then dry it on the sun. The sofa cleaning services needs the experience of professionals with proper products. 

As per experts, it is recommended that the sofas in the living room or any other part of the home should get cleaned by professional sofa cleaning service companies. Do you have the manual of the sofa? If you have, kindly check and opt for services as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

As is the norm, it is usually recommended to have at least 12-month or 24-month cleaning for leather sofas or leather couches. 

Why Do You Need Sofa Dry Cleaning Services?

If you have children in the home, and the living room is frequented by guests, chances are that the sofa may have got dirt, stains and even micro-organisms. When you opt for a professional sofa cleaning services, not only the stains get removed, but also the dirt and micro-organisms. 

  • Cleaning of the sofa or couch with a professional service will extend their lifetime. 
  • While dirt and microorganisms can bring illnesses to the family members, the stains and spots can lessen the original colour of the sofa or leather couch. 
  • Our team always send professionals who ensure that the scents, colours and unwanted materials get removed from the sofa and leather couch. 
  • A cleaning will ensure that the sofa remains free from odours and will look like new. 

Why Opt For Professional Sofa Cleaning Services From Servingbee?

Please note, with ServingBee’s sofa cleaning services, your search for the best professional sofa dry cleaning service professional or company has ended. 

  • A glance at our website and you can understand that we provide nearly more than 30 plus professional services at your doorstep. 
  • We have also made the booking process so easy that you can hire a professional sofa sanitization cleaning service in minimal time.
  • We ensure that you get connected with sofa cleaning service professionals and companies who can cater to any kind of requirement.
  • Are you worried about the charges? For all the services offered at ServingBee, the customers (you) get charged at the reasonable rates in the market.
  • To ensure you get the best sofa cleaning services or couch cleaning services, we take care to check the skills and tools used by the employees of sofa cleaning companies enlisted in our database. Their name will feature in our database only after a background check.
  • Our sofa cleaning service providers do not use harmful chemicals or products which may harm your sofa or leather couch in the long term. 
  • The services provided at our end do not stop after cleaning your sofa. They ensure that the couch or sofa does not remain wet after the service. So, they ensure that the sofa is dried and brought back to normal condition.

The Process:

When our staff comes to your home, they will check the sofa (its type), the number of sofas to be cleaned. They also have to note down your requirement and then act accordingly. Please note, depending on all these factors, they will give the final bill.

  • Our team will then use vacuum cleaners to remove the dirt and microorganisms on your sofa.
  • Then, they will take the sofa outside your home (if there is space) and then use the products to remove stains, spots on the outer surface. 
  • Then, our sofa cleaning service providers will make use of extraction method to remove the chemicals and waters.
  • Sometimes, they may have to opt for steam treatment to ensure that the leather sofa cleaning services get completed. 
  • The cleaning process will depend on the fabric and upholstery used. 
  • They will take care that the fabric and upholstery does not get shrunk.
  • If needed, they will also offer after sales support or any service packages you may term comfortable.

How to Book Sofa Cleaning Services from ServingBee

There are two methods that our management has deemed fit for you (customers). You need to visit our website. It will be easy to find the Online Form, where you can enter the details such as Name, Mobile Number, Sofa Services, your location and the date and time you need to be called by our customer care team.

On the specified date and time, you will get a call from our customer care service.

There is another method. You need to call our customer care number which is +91 737373 2921. Now, you can talk directly to our customer care executive who will take down your requirement. 

 Next Round of Steps

  • After you inform our executive about the location, he will check the names of sofa services providers on our database. Then he will assign you a relevant sofa cleaning services provider who stays close to your location. They will have the best team with the equipment, tools and products to cater to your needs. 
  • Now, you will get a call from the service provider. You need to respond to the call and the sofa cleaning services provider will ask for the general information such as the number of sofas or leather couches to be cleaned and more. Then they will ask for a convenient time to visit your home.
  • On the time, the team will come to your home, and inspect the sofas. Then, based on your requirements, they will submit a quotation which will contain a breakdown of charges.
  • If the charges satisfy you, then you can give the go-ahead for the team. Our customer care executive will confirm the booking order.
  • Please note the cleaning process may start on the same day or other day as per your wish.


All the Sofa Cleaning Services are picked from the Best Pool in the Market

Verified: If you have opted for the DIY method of searching for a professional sofa cleaning service, then you need to check many details. First you have to locate the service providers via referrals or recommendations, then call them, get to know about their charges, make the comparison and more. Also, you will still have a doubt on mind if they can really provide the suitable services.

With ServingBee, you get to work only with trusted and reputed professionals/companies offering sofa services or couch cleaning service. Our management has a strict authentication procedure to ensure that the sofa service companies and couch cleaning service professionals in the customer care list have a trained team with the necessary equipment/products to meet your needs.

Charges: The other benefits of opting for ServingBee’s sofa cleaning services are:

You may have “n” number of requirements, but there will be no hidden fees in the charges. Also, the prices will be as per the market trends.

Equipment/Products: Our team will bring branded equipment that will complete the cleaning process with ease. Also, they will use environment-friendly products which may add to the lustre of the sofa. 



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