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Good job ServingBee! I was in a hurry and had very less time for office puja. Then at last mile got ServingBee website. It was a really a good service done by your professionals and you guys are really fast and awesome. Thanks again and i wish you all the best.

Dilip R Shetty


Hire Best Painting in Deccan Gymkhana Pune , Pune

How to Hire Best Painters 

Do you wish to renovate your home & office with new colour paints? Are you searching to hire the best painting contractors in town? You know the task is not easy. The reason, painting services is an unregularised industry. You need to depend on referrals or painting store owners to help find the painters for your task. When you get a referral, you have to allocate time to meet the painter, ask his experience, get information about the type of paints to be used, and more. Yes, you may enquire in the market about the price of paints that will get used for your homes or offices or any commercial enterprises. You may still harbour doubts such as if the selected house painting contractors does indeed have the capabilities to complete the task and more. Also, you will come to know the experience and skills of the professional painting services person only when the job gets completed for the entire home or office. 

ServingBee has come to the rescue with a digital platform that allows you to hire the best house painting contractors or types of painting service providers for your home and office within few minutes. There is absolutely no need for you to depend on referrals, recommendations and other methods for hiring painting contractors for residential or other types of service providers. To help the customers who have placed trust in us, ServingBee has enlisted the best painters from every nook and corner of the city to provide services at your doorstep.

Why Should You Opt For Professional Painting Services From ServingBee?

We have taken into account every doubt that can arise in the minds of customers before hiring doorstep painters services. We have taken care to solve them by means of including new features that can clarify the doubts of customers (you). 

1. To ensure you get the best home painting services (or other types), we take care to verify the skills and credentials of painters.

2. The painting cost for every professional painting services will be as per the market trend. There will be no hidden costs or hidden fees in the final bill.

3. Our home painters (or other types of painting service providers) give a quote for the entire services before the process. There will be no changes in the prices if you have not included any new requirements.

4. You can get every type of painters in our digital platform:

  • Interior painting services
  • Exterior home painting services 
  • Exterior Office painting services
  • Exterior commercial establishment painting services
  • House painting services
  • Interior Office painting services
  • Commercial establishment painting services
  • We also offer other types of painting services also such as:
  • Gate painting services
  • Polishing services (via paint)
  • Water proofing painting services
  • Textured painting services
  • Wood painting services
  • Grill painting services
  • Faux Painting
  • Metal Painting
  • Stenciling
  • Wall Arts
  • Painting contractors for texture

The other types of services our painters provide are:

Fresh painting services – Whether it is a home, office or commercial establishment, painting services involve:

  • Two coats of putty
  • Scrubbing as well as sanding of the entire walls
  • One coating of primer
  • The last comes two coats of paint

Repainting services – 

Whether it is interior painting or exterior painting, these processes are followed:

  • If you want the same colour to be applied, then our painters will check for the air cracks to get filled and they will apply one coat of paint.
  • If you want a different colour to be applied, then they will check for the air cracks, then follow up with wall scrubbing services. The next part come the primer coat as well as two coats of paint.

Unlike the interior painting services, exterior painting services involves a complete cleaning of the walls regarding dust, dirt, removal of fungus etc. The next step involves the wall scrubbing and complete washing process. The third step is the filling up of cracks. The last two steps involve putting two coats of primer and two coats of paints.

So, these are the painting services offered by companies who are enlisted in the customer care service at ServingBee. Now, are you interested to book our high quality painting services? You are welcome! The process is very easy as you can make out from the next topic.

You can get the best type of home painters or office painters or other types of painters as per your need on our digital platform. 

How to Book Professional Painting Services at ServingBee

To save time as well as give a hassle-free option of booking our painting services, we have made the process very simple. The entire process can get completed within four minutes. You have to first visit our website and then select the type of services on the online form. Please enter the correct details such as name, contact number etc. Then, as the last step, you need to click on Get Call Back. 

  • You will get a call from our customer care professionals within two hours. You can mention the type of professional painting services you need, and also any special requirements (if). Our executives will take care to address them and assign you a professional/company who can give the best assistance in this regard.
  • You will get a call from the painter (assigned) to your contact number. He will enquire about the type of services, and the period you need to complete the process. Based on this information, he will give the quotation (approximate) which will contain no hidden fees. If you are satisfied with the quotation, you can confirm the booking order. The painter will start the process on a day as per your wish.
  • Please note, you can get the actual price only after our painter visits your location. The charges will depend on the type of paint you wish to use, the space location, the volume of spaces and any special requirement. 

There is also another method to book high quality professional painting services from ServingBee. With your mobile call or landline phone, you can make a call to the number +91 737373 2921. Our customer care executive will answer your call, take down the requirement and then proceed to assign you to a painter who stays near your location. 

All The Companies offering Professional Painting Services at ServingBee Are Picked from The Best Pool In The Market:

Verified Professionals: Not only they are verified, but they are also trained to be polite and courteous. 

Completion: Our painting contractors will make every effort to complete the project before the deadline.

Your Needs come First: We have modelled our service packages as per your requirement.


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