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I took support of Servingbee for getting my wachine machine repaired. I contacted them from their website and it was pretty simple. I got a call from them with in 10 minutes and then everything went smooth and swift. Thanks for the quick help.

Brunda R

I have been trying to find a Mehendi artist online who can provide doorstep service. Then found ServingBee from google and booked them for the service. First i thought it may not be a good idea to invite to home, but the professional was very clean and had took all safety measures and also provided a great services w.r.t Mehendi.

Rohan Srivastav

Good job ServingBee! I was in a hurry and had very less time for office puja. Then at last mile got ServingBee website. It was a really a good service done by your professionals and you guys are really fast and awesome. Thanks again and i wish you all the best.

Dilip R Shetty

Very well done guys. Appreciate your efforts in helping me ontime to get my bike service done. It was professional and neat and i highly recommend you guys for getting bike services in Pune.

Raghavendra G

Amazing Service! I booked a bike service from Servingbee and the complete journey was really satisfying. Mechanic was on time, he did thorough inspection of my bike and explained me the issue. After me understanding the issue, he then serviced my bike professionally and cleaned it. After servicing the bike he advised me on how to maintain the bike so it remains in good condition. Overall i would personally rate as 10/10 friendly, very professional, punctual, Staff recommended.


I have 3 bikes in my family & the servingbee mechanic did doorstep servicing of all our 3 bikes at my parking itself in quick time. Price was very reasonable.



Hire Best Hair/Beard Services in Wanowarie AFMC Pune, Pune

How to Hire the Best Doorstep Hair Salon Services & Beard Styling Services

Are you going to deliver a presentation in front of investors for your company, or a high business strategy plan for your CEO or going to attend a family event? In all these three situations, you want to make a good impression. Now, if you do not have the time to go to a unisex hair salon or a spa to get your hair or opt for beard trimming services, then what will you do? You will start looking for doorstep Home Beauticians for Men services, and who can give you a service better than ServingBee? 

On our digital platform, you will find various types of hygienic salon services ranging from facial care, hair care and more. Get these beauty salons for men services at the comfort of your home or any desired location by booking an order within four minutes.

The sun, the winter, rain and water/air pollution affect not only your hair but also your facial skin. Though there are various natural and DIY methods to take care of your hair, one among the best preferred methods is to opt for salon at home services from ServingBee.

If you are just looking for getting a good appearance, then you need to first start with a hair-cut. Our men’s grooming experts can give the perfect cut as per your need. It will be modelled on the recent trend, your need, creativity and techniques. You can get a personalised hair cut that can add the best complement to your face and also gives the best impression about your facial features. Do you want to sport a trendy look or a look that befits the occasion? Then hire our men’s haircut & grooming at home services.

Do you want to dye your hair? Then our experts who offer hair style salons for gents services use the best environmentally friendly products to give the specific colour to your hair. They are entirely harmless and can stay for a long time. However, you will become the most noticed person at the party, wedding or any ceremony, courtesy the skills of our men’s grooming experts. 

If needed, our home beauticians for men can also give hair extensions that can suit your overall appearance.

If you did not have a hair cut for some months and want to give it a makeover, then our experts can help you unwind with beauty services. The hair cut can definitely elevate your appearance.

Why should you opt for Hair/Beard Care Services from ServingBee?

In the normal method, you go to the salon or spa and get the services done. So, there is no reason to check the authenticity of the professionals. However, when you are opting for doorstep hair grooming services or beard styling services, naturally you will be cautious. For example, can I trust the person not only with the skills but also other aspects (such as safety)? This happens only when you are opting for a third party service provider doorstep services. Also, there are other factors such as charges, coming on time, the products that are to be used (hygiene) and more. 

But with ServingBee, you will have a name and reputation. The professional who is going to come to your doorstep or other location is a representative of our company. So, on account of the trust you have placed in us, we take care to verify the skills and other practices of these professionals (men’s hair cut salon) before enlisting their name in our database.

These are the benefits you get when opting for hair care services from ServingBee:

  • You can book the process within minutes
  • There will be no hidden costs in the final bill (hair cutting price & beard styling services)
  • The professional will come on time, complete the job, collect the payment and then make an exit
  • All our experts who offer services of home beauticians for men and beard trimming services are checked and verified
  • Our experts offer hygienic salon services as per the International Standards
  • They use only environmentally-friendly products (beauty salons for men) from brands. If you choose to use the products of your own, kindly inform us before the expert visits your location.

What Are The Hair Care Services Offered By Servingbee’s Experts?

  1. Hair Care or Hair Salon Services: Our experts will refashion your hair in the way you want it to be to suit the occasion.
  2. Hair Wash: If needed, they can give a wash with shampoo and then model the hair as per the style.
  3. Facial Bleach: If you want, they can make your skin look light to give more impression to your hair colour. 
  4. Make-up: Our experts can also double up as make-up artists. If you want special care services such as make-up, they can make the hair and facial features radiant that can match to your skin tone.
  5. Beard Trimming Services/Beard Styling Services: Do you want to sport a beardy look as per the recent craze? Our experts who offer services of salons for beard styling at home can do it for you. 

How to Book Hair/Beard Styling Services at ServingBee?

You can easily place a booking order at ServingBee. The navigation process is very easy. You can select the services and then fill your personal information. To initiate the process, you need to click the “Get Call Back.” When you get the call from our customer care service, you may opt for the service on the same day or on a day that you need the service. 

There is another way to book the Celebrity Hair Stylist and cutting salon services at doorstep in case of emergency. On the website there is a number - +91 737373 2921. You can call this number to book the order directly and speak with a customer care executive. He will take down the location you want the service to be given, then check in our database for the professionals who offer home beauticians for men services at doorstep. Also, he/she has to assign a person who stays close to your location. 

Then you will get a call from the person (offering beard trimming service or services of men’s hair cut salon) assigned to cater to your needs. He/she will ask your requirement & then suggest an approximate quote. If you are satisfied with the charges as per your need, then you can confirm the booking order.

Since you are getting services from the comfort of your home or other location, you save time. Also, the charges will be most competitive and at the best rates in the industry. 

Every Hair Care/Beard Styling Services has been picked from the Best Pool on the Market

  1. Different Hair styles: You can ask the men’s grooming experts to design your hair as per the style you want. If you are interested to design the hair as per a certain celebrity style, then specify the requirement and get it done.
  2. On the other hand, if you want a formal hair style that should suit your office need, then you can ask the same from our men’s hair cut salon experts.
  3. Beard Trimming Services: Have you grown your bread for four weeks and want to trim the beard as per a specific style? Opt for our services. 
  4. Chemical Free Products: Our salon at home experts uses only environmentally friendly products from brands. If you want to have a specific brand, then kindly inform our beautician before he visits your location.
  5. Hygiene: Our celebrity hair stylist and cutting salon experts use the hygienic methods as per the industry standards. Every instrument used is sanitised and they follow the Covid procedures.
  6. Charges: The charges will be as per the market trends. There will be no hidden costs nor see a hike in the hair cutting prices that was agreed as per the first instant. If you want any special need, then the prices may change.


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