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I took support of Servingbee for getting my wachine machine repaired. I contacted them from their website and it was pretty simple. I got a call from them with in 10 minutes and then everything went smooth and swift. Thanks for the quick help.

Brunda R

I have been trying to find a Mehendi artist online who can provide doorstep service. Then found ServingBee from google and booked them for the service. First i thought it may not be a good idea to invite to home, but the professional was very clean and had took all safety measures and also provided a great services w.r.t Mehendi.

Rohan Srivastav

Good job ServingBee! I was in a hurry and had very less time for office puja. Then at last mile got ServingBee website. It was a really a good service done by your professionals and you guys are really fast and awesome. Thanks again and i wish you all the best.

Dilip R Shetty

Very well done guys. Appreciate your efforts in helping me ontime to get my bike service done. It was professional and neat and i highly recommend you guys for getting bike services in Pune.

Raghavendra G

Amazing Service! I booked a bike service from Servingbee and the complete journey was really satisfying. Mechanic was on time, he did thorough inspection of my bike and explained me the issue. After me understanding the issue, he then serviced my bike professionally and cleaned it. After servicing the bike he advised me on how to maintain the bike so it remains in good condition. Overall i would personally rate as 10/10 friendly, very professional, punctual, Staff recommended.


I have 3 bikes in my family & the servingbee mechanic did doorstep servicing of all our 3 bikes at my parking itself in quick time. Price was very reasonable.



Hire Best Gardening Services in Bhavani Peth Pune, Pune

How to Hire the Top Gardening Services

Do you want to have nature in your home/large apartment? Preferably a garden? Have you been wondering to have green plants in front of your office or other commercial establishment? Yes? But how will you do it? It is neither a front desk or back office job where you can hire employees at the earliest. Yes, there are organisations in tech parks where gardens are maintained by service providers. But for an individual home or a small office, is it possible to get home gardening services or professional gardening service for offices? You will be surprised to know you can. ServingBee offers the top gardening services via its reputed garden developers on its database. We have made the entire process so easy that you can hire garden contractors or a company offering the best online gardening services in the city in minimal time. Please note, our garden maintenance services professionals also offer garden landscaping services in the city for patios and big corporations.

Unlike the traditional methods where you seek referrals or recommendations you do not have to go through the troublesome process. Yes, we understand that searching for residential gardening services or gardening company comes with its own share of challenges, so we have made the process easy.

  • If you follow the DIY method, since it is professional gardening services, there are multiple chances of not getting referrals.
  • Even if you get, you need to call them, ask them to come to your home or the desired location you want the gardening activity to be done. Then, you have to decide on the charges.
  • Also, you cannot call one gardening services providers near me or garden maintenance services near me and give them the task. You need to call four or five, then compare their skills, prices and then decide on the best. Imagine the time spent in sourcing the right professional.
  • Also, when it comes to pricing, then gardening is a process which will take time to get the desired result. It is not a construction job, where the building gets constructed and the civil engineer and the other workers make an exit.
  • So, the plants need to be taken care of every day or alternate day. Have you selected plants that you can take care of, without the professional garden maintenance services? Or else, you may have to pay a monthly charge for doing their duties.

Why Should You Opt For Gardening Service Providers From Servingbee?

As is the norm, ServingBee always take care to satisfy your expectations. Also, we work with only reliable and experienced gardening professionals and organisations who offer professional gardening services in the city. Before we assign a service provider from our database, we check his personal skills regarding gardening and other topics. We also ensure to check his previous works (portfolio). In the case of a company offering residential gardening services, garden landscaping services, terrace gardening services, garden maintenance services, we take care to check their previous works, their resources and the skills of their staff. It is only after every service provider passes the verification procedure, does their name find a place in our customer care database.

Our reputed gardening services near me list can consist of:

  • Individual gardening professionals
  • Companies offering professional gardening services to homes, offices and commercial establishments
  • Companies offering garden landscaping services
  • Individuals/companies offering residential gardening services
  • Individuals/companies offering Terrace garden services
  • Individuals/companies offering garden maintenance services

When it comes to residential facilities (home, apartment, villas), our gardening professionals, companies do offer the following services at your doorstep or other desired location:

  • Consultation for gardening
  • Terrace garden
  • Hanging gardens
  • Balcony garden
  • Gardening involving Organic farm plants
  • Gardening in Patio
  • Garden around the fountain in your villa
  • Wall gardens
  • Fences – Make an artificial fence with thorny plants
  • Pavement – Making the pavement attractive with flower plants

Services Offered At Offices/Commercial Establishment

  • Garden landscaping services
  • Selecting relevant plants which can be kept inside the office to give a vibrant look
  • If needed, our service providers can get rare Feng Shui plants for your office

Other Services Provided 

  • Pruning the old leaves in the garden
  • Taking care of flower trees
  • Planting seeds
  • Fertiliser care
  • Mulching
  • Plant trimming/hedging
  • Taking care of plant health
  • Pest control of plants
  • Pest control of weeds
  • Lawn care
  • Composting
  • Spraying
  • Weeding
  • Watering
  • Potting
  • Sowing

With our services, you can make gardening developers/garden contractors with years of experience or a company offering high quality professional gardening services with a reputation come to your doorstep. We have simplified the entire booking process for you. Take care to grab the opportunity. 

How to Hire the Best Gardening Services from ServingBee

The First Method

After reading the details about our esteemed services, you will want to work with the gardening professionals and companies offering the same services on our database, correct?

Will you believe that the booking process can get completed within four minutes? You just need to provide your name, contact details and the time our customer care executive can call. You need to fill these details on the online form present on the right hand side. 

Right on the dot, at the mentioned time, you will get the call.

You can respond and give the requirement.

The Second Method:

Do you have free time on your hands? Do you want to complete the task of hiring a professional gardening service for your location? Then, on the right hand side, you can see the number + 91 737373 2921. 

You can call this number and speak directly to our executive. 


The Next Steps:

  • Our executive will take the details.
  • Then, he may take time to assign you a professional or company (garden contractors/garden developers) that can cater to your need and provide the best services.
  • Our executive may also take down the time the concerned company or professional can call you.
  • On this call, you can describe your requirement. Then you can get to know the the date the home gardening services or company will visit your home, office or other location for a discussion. 
  • You can clarify the doubts, and then discuss the plants you can have in the place.  
  • If you are satisfied with the charges, with the plants that are going to be in your home, office or other location, then you can confirm the booking order.
  • Our gardening service providers can make the garden dream become true. We have the necessary resources to cater to your needs.

All Professional Gardening Services Have Been Picked From The Best Pool In the Market

  • Charges: You may have doubts if your budget can meet the service packages of our gardening services providers/companies. Please note, they have packages that can cater to household, offices and other establishments.
  • Best Seeds/Plants/Products: Please note, our garden contractors/companies will use only plants that are of best quality. When it comes to maintaining health of plants, they will use environmental-friendly pesticides and other methods. 
  • Location: Though they are experienced, the location, soil, weather and water facilities play a major part in gardening. So, our garden developers will check all these factors before committing to a service. 
  • Space: Our gardening service providers near me know the best way to make use of space. Whether it is a terrace, patio or the space in front of the home or office, they will make sure to convert it into a green area.

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